Diabetes Treatment Guidelines And Options

diabetes treatment guidelines

Many people today experience a rude interruption to their lives during a visit to the doctor’s office.

This visit often happens sometime around middle age but the exact timing is different for everyone.

People become patients suddenly when they hear their doctor diagnose them with diabetes. Unfortunately, a lot of these people will leave their doctor’s office with this difficult news and little idea about diabetes treatment guidelines.

Diabetes Is an Attack on Your Way of Life

There is a lot of confusion about diabetes in the public mind. There are actually two types of this disease. Diabetes Type One is usually diagnosed during early childhood.

People diagnosed with this form of diabetes do not make enough insulin with their pancreas. This substance is used to help your body cells take in energy from the food that you eat. These people must give themselves insulin, either with daily injections or with the help of an implanted pump, several times a day for their whole life.

The diabetes treatment guidelines for people diagnosed with this disease during their adulthood are usually different. The onset of the disease is basically due to their system being overwhelmed by the sugar in their diet.

Do not be surprised if this seems confusing to you. You might think that you do not eat a lot or that you do not eat a lot of sugar. However, most people with a modern diet eat a lot of processed carbohydrates, such as bread, noodles and tortillas. Carbohydrate is just a scientific name for sugar.

When you primarily eat foods like these, as many of us do, you can end up overwhelming your metabolism. Slowly your pancreas loses the ability to produce enough insulin to help you take sugar out of your blood and turn it into energy. You wind up exhausted and feeling terrible. You have diabetes.

Moving Forward with Diabetes

To deal with diabetes successfully, you will need to do one of two things. Either you will have to make a drastic change to your diet or you will have to learn how to use a variety of medications to help you process the sugar in your diet.

Diabetes Treatment Guidelines

You can easily go the medication route and find a physician to prescribe the right drugs to help control your blood sugar levels. Some people catch their diabetes early and can get by just taking oral drugs such as Metformin.

Others will need to check their blood sugar several times a day by lancing their fingers and placing a drop of blood in a special electronic device. The results of these measurements generally determine how much insulin they will need to administer by injection.

It is possible for many people at different stages of diabetes to avoid all this inconvenience and discomfort. They can adapt their diet to reduce their need for insulin. In fact, some people are able to virtually cure their diabetes by eating right. They need to adhere to a few simple rules regarding their diet:

picture of amazed woman with hand over mouthEat less
It sounds over simplistic but most people today eat far more than they need. New diets abound but they all work as long as they counsel eating fewer calories than the body burns in a day. Most diets fail because the people using them cannot meet the expectation of eating less food.

To control your diabetes, you may not need to be so drastic. Simply eating less than you usually do will set you on the right track.

Healthy Versus Junk Food Concept CompassWatch what you eat
While you are reducing your daily dietary intake, try replacing some of your favorite snacks with healthier choices.

Include more vegetables and fruits to increase the amount of vitamins and fiber in your meals.

Fibers will help you to digest food properly.

Digestive SystemTry a Detox Solution
There are a wide variety of solutions available to help you to cleanse your bowels.

Most people eating a modern diet have several pounds of undigested matter in their intestines at any given time.

This matter contributes to poor digestion, fatigue and many other maladies that contribute to your diabetes symptoms.

Dumbbell WeightsExercise
If you are already taking medication or receiving insulin injections for your diabetes, then you have to be careful about how much you exercise and how you coordinate your insulin injections or oral medications.

Your blood sugar is impacted by exercise.

The good news is that you do not have to become an Olympic swimmer to get what you need from an exercise regimen. Simply incorporating a daily walk into your lifestyle will reduce the impact of this disease on your way of life.

Take control of your life with these diabetes treatment guidelines. You do not have to let medicines rule your life. Make the changes to your lifestyle that you need to accomplish today so that your tomorrow will be healthier and more satisfying.

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