The Top 10 Spices And Herbs For Diabetes

herbs for diabetes

We all deserve to lead a balanced, healthy lifestyle without our bodies waging war against us. Having diabetes does not exclude you from that. If anything, having diabetes probably means you need it a little more than others.

There must be a way to control the situation without pumping yourself full of chemical medications every step of the way. The more natural approach of using herbs for diabetes is often just as effective as the medical one.

If you are tired of allowing your health and happiness to fall by the wayside, it may be time to start including a few of the following herbs for diabetes in your diet.

Chances are that you will be amazed at how easy it is to make a few simple additions to your kitchen cupboard.

Of course, these fragrant herbs are not intended to replace any medication you may be on but they will certainly lower the amount of daily discomfort you need to deal with. Over time, your health practitioner may decide that you can gradually lower the amount of medication that you are on, it is simply a question of adding a few simple ingredients to your everyday eating plan.

And with that, I present the top 10 Spices and Herbs for Diabetes to incorporate into your diet as soon as possible…

1. Ginger

GingerGingerols, the active oils in ginger, are well-known for their ability to boost the uptake of glucose within the muscles of the human body.

Furthermore, ginger causes a reaction with the body’s serotonin receptors, changing their levels of insulin secretion.

Overall, studies show that ginger can drop blood glucose levels by roughly 30% – 35%.

2. Onion and Garlic

GarlicIt may come as somewhat of a shock that these kitchen staples are minor miracle workers in terms of managing diabetes.

Allyl propyl disulphide (APDS) and diallyl disulphide oxide (allicin) are the two main active ingredients known to lower blood sugar levels.

APDS also activates the insulin-inactivating sites found in the liver.

3. Stevia

Stevia Popular among people trying to reduce the amount of sugar in their diets, stevia leaves can be used to sweeten foods and drinks without any bitter aftertaste.

It may take a little bit of getting used to. However, it’s as close to sugar as you’re going to get in terms of taste.

It’s also been said that this herb improves overall glucose tolerance.

4. Curry Leaves

CurryLeaves1There is a theory that suggests eating Patta curry leaves may lower the risk of diabetes for people who are prime candidates for the disease.

While this may not be the most palatable of all the herbs for diabetes, chewing on raw curry leaves daily is a great way to prevent the onset of the disease.

Some people actually enjoy the flavor quite a bit. Give it a try and see if this is for you.

5. Fenugreek

Pile of organic fenugreek.High in soluble fiber, Fenugreek seeds are ideal for slowing down digestion and preventing unnecessarily fast absorption of carbohydrates.

In doing so, this herb assists in lowering blood sugar and boosting glucose tolerance.

Some people find Fenugreek a bit harsh on the stomach do to it’s high fiber content. So, if you try this one out, start slow and see how your digestive system responds.

6. Bilberry

bilberryWhile it may not treat the disease itself, Bilberry is known to reduce the risk of diabetes-related health problems like diabetic retinopathy and cataracts.

You can take them in supplement form for convenience.

Really, there’s no excuse when it comes to the health of your eyes, so add this to your daily regimen and you’ll be better off for it.

7. Licorice Root

LicoriceThis root is best used steeped in herbal tea and is well-known to be over 50 times stronger than sugar.

Licorice root also lowers blood glucose levels by a remarkable amount.

Sounds like a win-win to me. If you enjoy the taste of licorice then maybe this is your herb for diabetes solution.

8. Ginseng

ginsengsamplePopular in Chinese medicine, ginseng enhances the release of insulin from the pancreas.

It also increases the efficacy of insulin receptors while lowering blood sugar levels.

This herb also helps to boost energy levels, which is a major perk for diabetics who suffer from fatigue.

9. Cinnamon

Cinnamon sticks isolated on white backgroundRecent studies suggest that cinnamon bark lowers both cholesterol and blood glucose levels.

It also reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and similar health complications associated with type 1 and 2 diabetes.

Plus, cinnamon is a tasty way to fight diabetes. You can simply add it to your coffee in the morning for added flavor.

10. Bitter Melon

Bitter Melon On White BackgroundMore of a fruit than an herb, assists in lowering blood glucose levels and suppresses appetite in a similar way that insulin does.

Bitter melon is also high in iron and vitamins A, B1, B2, and C, all of which are known to prevent health complications that are often associated with diabetes including cataracts and neuritis.

How to Reverse Diabetes for Good

Consuming the right spices and herbs is definitely a great start and will also move you in the right direction of weight control if that’s also an issue for you. Being overweight is a major issue for most diabetics, and this state of physical imbalance contributes to the threat of health complications associated with type 1 and 2 diabetes.

But whether you are overweight or simply have a fast metabolism AND high-blood sugar – no matter what your present physical condition, there IS a path to reversing your diabetes. It’s all explained here in this video.

Definitely take a moment to watch the video here so you can discover how straightforward it really is to reverse your diabetes step by step.


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